David D
David Dibonito, Owner/Consultant 



30 Years of providing Honest service, with Integrity, Reputation & Resolve; David DiBonito gives you “Technical Expertise” with a “Noticeable Difference,” providing customer solutions and value. David has years of extensive experience and is proficient in the industry, working closely with architects, builders, project managers, general contractors, and insurance companies and adjusters. His extensive background includes not only all types of roofing but also construction and building. His background is personal and hands-on, which means that he understands your entire structure, how it works best, how it can be improved to save you money, and how it can be the most energy-efficient. With experience and expertise in all types of roofing, David also shares a passion for metal roofing. As a previous partner in one of the largest roofing and multi-service companies in Austin for the last sixteen years, David developed and launched a metal roof division focused on integrity, quality, and customer service. Utilizing this experience and integrity cultivates satisfied customers and ensures excellent customer experiences, satisfaction, and quality work!