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Let’s Go Green! 

Are you interested in making your homes more energy-efficient, and sustainable?

Today, many of us are interested in making our homes and structures more energy-efficient, and sustainable. We can provide ideas and consultation that can help improve the building envelope and provide future energy savings, sustain resources and better protect the structure.   The building envelope can consist of external components that cover the structure and are intended to protect it, such as siding, moisture wraps, AC units, painting conditions, windows, gutter systems, solar panels,  and other components. 

 We can provide analysis and inspections of attic spaces, roof conditions, and exterior structure conditions, to provide guidance and ideas for changes and improvements. 

Improvements such as updated AC equipment, the addition of more insulation, attic ventilation, skylights, roof repairs, and upgrades, radiant barriers,  spray foam insulation,  possibly solar panels, and other building improvements can be explored to meet desired outcomes.

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