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About Our Residential

Roofing Services Austin, Texas

DiBonito Roofing and Consulting is on your side.
Many residential roofers in the Austin area make promises but don't follow through. Delivering great customer experience and surpassing expectations provides opportunities to help our customers with their projects, and to bring our customers' visions to life, resulting in a following of satisfied customers and referrals. Helping customers through sometimes challenging roofing projects, such as weather disasters, or other previous failed work, drives us to deliver great products and services for our clients.


There are many styles and colors of fiberglass asphalt shingles from many of the leading manufacturers.  Some are architectural styles, while others can fall into “designer” shingle categories or impact resistant shingles also (IR shingles).

We can help navigate through the different manufacturers available and possible color choices.   Some manufacturers make colors that are more uniform and less “busy”, and others make roof colors that are more varied, with many different colors and shading throughout the field of the roof surfaces. Regardless of a customer’s choice, we provide extremely thorough and professional installations, including lining valleys and critical areas with premium, self-adhering membranes for added weather tightness, and full 10-year workmanship warranties.  Improving attic ventilation and energy efficiency of the roof and attic structures, along with the home is our goal for our customers. Our mission is to leave your home more improved than before, after completion.   

Metal Roofing

We specialize in concealed fastener, metal roofing systems, which are typically referred to as standing seam metal roofs.  We are very passionate about these types of systems as an improvement to the home and building, for added curb appeal and for their lifetime, maintenance-free service life. Installed properly by skilled technicians, these roofs can be lifetime products and worry-free for the life of the home. There are many different styles of panels,  colors, and options that can be explored, even including skylights, whether existing or requested.  These systems are very energy efficient and can help reduce costs.  They do incorporate continuous ridge vents in matching material and are very critter-proof